Pre-School Classes



I am currently the music teacher at four Seattle pre-schools Blossoming Buds (Near the University Village), Leah School (Montlake), International School (Bellevue/ Seattle) and TEA in (Wallingford). The children explore and have fun with the basics of music. I have a plethora of fun children’s songs, rhythm games, felt board activities, books, and much more. The children are introduced to and have a chance to play all sorts of instruments ranging from the guitar, violin, xylophone to the basic keyboard, and much more. The sessions are based around group singing, dancing, and playing.

After school Programs

Our after school programs are fun!!! Seriously, we encourage the children to have fun, and explore. We understand that our students have been in school all day and need a safe space to socialize, learn, and have fun in a pressure free environment. During our eight-week sessions the children are introduced to the basics of piano, guitar, and various percussion instruments including the standard drum-set. There is a strong emphasis on group singing and our lessons touch on many music genres. The curriculum changes every eight weeks: the children might be working on writing and recording their very own songs or choreographing a musical that we write together. At the end of each eight-week session we invite our friends and family to a recital that showcases the children’s’ achievements. Our programs are proudly offered at Montlake, BFday, Thurgood Marshal Elementary Schools.