Learn How to BeatBox with Spizzo – A kids tutorial for drum sounds ♫ Mr. Ryan’s Music

Want to learn how to beat box? Meet Spizzo. Mr. Ryan will have fun with silly Spizzo about beat boxing, make music with your mouth and more. Watch it now! #mrryansmusic #kidssong #howtobeatbox #basicbeatbox How to Basic BeatBox Talk Sounds Spizzo learn kids tutorial drum beat boom quack ♫ Mr. Ryan’s Music It’s Spizzo! Is he spitting? Or beat talking? Beat talking, I don’t think that’s what you mean Spizzo. You mean beatboxing. It’s creating a beat with your mouth. Let’s learn how to beatbox. It’s like having a drum set in your mouth. We are going to make a beat with your mouth. It’s a tutorial how to beatbox for kids.

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