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Ryan Barber (aka Mr. Ryan), is a popular music teacher for pre-schoolers across Seattle, but because of Covid 19 he can no longer teach his music classes in-person. Now Mr. Ryan and a small but mighty crew of creatives are producing free live stream music classes for children and families all over the world. These are hard times due to closed schools, loss of jobs, and social distancing,  but we found a way to continue to provide music lessons while apart.

Classes will be free and available for everyone. We encourage viewers to donate weekly or per episode. Donations are greatly appreciated and 10% of all donations will go directly to Food Lifeline to help families during the corona virus outbreak.

Give the gift of music and movement. Buy a copy of Yoga for Pirates or The Incredible Mr. Mop and the Mountain of Muck.
Books available at our online store!


In case you missed it, watch our super fun
Wash Your Hands music video!


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