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You have made it to Mr. Ryan’s music world, get ready for the adventure. Grab your stuffies, sippy cups, and musical instruments and hold on tight. Not only will you smile, laugh, learn a few new puns, but most important you will explore the fundamentals of music. 

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Mr. Ryan loves books.
Do you love books?

You can own one of Mr. Ryan’s books Yoga for Pirates or Mr. Mop and the Mountain of Muck. These books include CD and digital downloads of fun songs. 

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Mr. Ryan's Books - Yoga for Pirates, Mr. Mop
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Let’s dance, let’s sing!

You can have all the songs and jingles from Mr. Ryan’s Music show. 17, Out of This World Songs! You can order on our store, download from our band camp page, or stream on Spotify


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to play music!

Mr. Ryan’s Music lessons are geared for the beginning to intermediate guitar, ukulele, and piano player. We focus on the basic of note reading, rhythm, and theory. Students will be become familiar with an array of techniques that will help them create solid music foundation. The lessons  focus on the students specific musical interests. 

     Mr. Ryan is taking students of all ages and recommends starting with a 40min lesson. He studio is located in La Mesa. Please send Mr. Ryan an email if interested, mrryansmusicandbooks@gmail.com. Thanks 

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Mr. Ryan's Preschool Class


Preschool Classes

Mr. Ryan teaches at pre-schools in San Diego and the surrounding cities. A few schools include Charley Brown Children’s Center, Early Learners Children’s Academy,  La Petite Étoile 360, Wild Child San Diego Nature School.

In Mr. Ryan’s Music classes the children explore, and have fun with the basics of music. He provides a plethora of fun interactive children’s songs, rhythm games, felt board activities, books, and much more. The children are introduced to, and have a chance to play all sorts of instruments ranging from the ukulele, xylophone guitar, violin, to the basic keyboard, and much more.

The sessions are based around group singing, dancing, and playing. Above all these classes focus on having fun with music.

Word is out! I’m available for Birthday Party Classes. Please email mrryansmusicandbooks@gmail.com for more details.

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He's out of this world!

Mr. Ryan teaches music at pre-schools all over San Diego. Introducing kids to an array of musical instruments and genres. His classes are educational, entertaining, engaging and funny! He also teaches private lessons from his studio in Normal Heights for piano, guitar, ukulele, and voice. Mr. Ryan loves pickles, peanut butter, and chocolate ice-cream!

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