What's it all about?

The Hokey Pokey is fun, but that’s not what it’s really all about. There’s so much more! On Mr. Ryan’s Music Show we take kids on a fantastic musical journey through a zany world of original songs, sing-alongs, music lessons, story times, and short, delightfully silly sketches. Out of our coffee bean bag studio, Mr. Ryan explores music education by engaging with a cast of exciting guests and playmates. Whether it’s a Spanish singing lesson with Señora Naty, a choreographed dance with his sidekick Pink Bear, or fun, little lessons about the ukulele with his energetic pal Spizzo, Mr. Ryan entertains and educates kids through a series of thematic episodes focused on music and current events. Each episode is a tapestry of imaginative music videos, educational skits, shameless puns, and wacky jokes. The viewers are encouraged to watch, listen, learn, and most of all participate. Our show is inspired by the greats of children’s educational programs such as Sesame Street, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and of course, the genius of Jim Henson and the Muppets. We also throw in a little Wayne’s World for good measure to appeal to children of all ages…looking at you Mom and Dad!

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The Backstory

In Feb 2020, the first Covid 19 cases in the US were reported in Seattle. Mr. Ryan who teaches his own preschool music classes found himself without work due to city implemented stay at home orders. Mr. Ryan sent out a call and gathered together a small and mighty crew of creative nerds to start producing a twice a week live-streamed music program for kiddos and families stuck at home. Max McSimov, creative director and part of the original crew, had a vision that gave birth to a brainchild. It was messy. The livestream quickly transitioned to a more scripted program and we all realized we had the basics of a children’s show. Even better, we had created an original universe for all of our wild ideas and original songs. Mr. Ryan’s Music Show was born and 8 weeks and 16 episodes later Season One was completed. Nowadays, we continue to put out weekly content for our subscribers and fans on YouTube.


Mr. Ryan is a children’s book author, performer, and popular music teacher for preschoolers. He built his career in Seattle, Washington and currently resides in San Diego. Here he is working on the Mr. Ryan Show, teaching children, and illustrating books. He is the driving force behind the music, illustrations, and scripts for show.

Mssr Max is a filmmaker and creative director in the world of advertising and production studios. He also built his career in Seattle, Washington and also currently resides in Southern California. He is working on the Mr. Ryan Show, teaching himself how to surf, and cooking goat cheese omelets. He is the co-creator of the Mr. Ryan’s Music Show and provides artistic direction throughout.

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